Why we don’t hide our work

Sometimes outsource companies tend to hide the results of their work for as long as they can.

This allows them to control the client. “We won’t give you want you until you do want we want”. It also allows these unfair companies to bargain about the price of their work. Moreover, there is a high chance that quality of this project will be low. And the client will find it out only when the project will be released and fully paid.

That’s not the same for us. We insist that the final product should be openly available to the client from the first day.

Everything is opened:

  • Our tickets
  • CI servers
  • Pull requests
  • Staging servers

So, why don’t we hide our work?

Because it does not make sense. Why should we hide something that would be public at some point in time anyway? Why should we just delay the possible problems instead of fixing them in the beginning?

Our approach

We are using GitLab to manage and store our project. You will have an access to the project since the first day. You will never lose an access to the project.

Only one person from the client’s side is allowed to access the project. It is done with strictly one purpose: to simplify communications inside the project.

You will need to register a new GitLab account or to provide an existing one.


  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Fill in the required information Gitlab
  3. Then check your email, you will have to confirm it Confirmation

Sharing a profile

Send us a link to your profile via email.