We bill for the closed tasks only. We bill our clients once a week. In our invoice, we include the closed tasks for the last week.

If a client is not paying us for some reason in the agreed period of time - we stop all our development process for this client until the bill is paid.


Our billing formula is very simple.

Each task has an estimate. This estimate will never change. Each person in the team has a rate. This rate can change, all our rate are public.

The resulting price for each task will be calculated as:

task_cost = task_estimated_hours * assignee_rate


We pay our developers as salaries only half of the money you pay us.

We spend the other half on our internal needs: paying for bugs, reviews, servers, etc. And that’s how we make money as a company. We also take a part of this money as a profit.

See our internal formula if you are interested.

But this is not a secret for anyone.

How our invoice looks like

Please, take a look at our example invoice. That’s exactly what our clients get every week.