We discourage any kind of informal communication.

We do not allow to use:

  1. One-to-one or team chats
  2. Email
  3. Phone calls
  4. Face to face communication

Why? Because it is hard to follow these communication channels. That makes it almost impossible to follow all the things that happen in a project.

Even worse, when your team is growing communication channels grow exponentially.

Communication channels count

How we communicate

All communications happen in our ticket system.

Moreover, communication is not free: it consumes time of at least two people. That’s why communication should be:

  1. On some specific and clear topic
  2. Traceable
  3. Moderated
  4. Deliver benefit to the project

In this case we can pay people for communicating and helping the project.

What communication is encouraged

We warmly encourage several types of communication inside our ticket system:

  1. Task’s details clarification before starting working on it
  2. Whenever you find that you do not understand how something works during working on your task
  3. Asking new questions if documentation fails to answer them
  4. Expressing your opinion in ongoing decision making process