Since we pay per finished (or done) task, it should be obvious for every person in the team: is this task done or not?

So, we need to specify a strict number of rules to define “Done” state.

Existing approaches

Scrum specifies multiple (1, 2) definitions of what “Done” is.

There are also other definitions around the web. I (@sobolevn) personally really like this Russian article.

Our definition

A task is considered done only when the corresponding ticket is closed.


  • A task should be created
  • You should be assigned to the task before-hands. See “How tasks are assigned”
  • You have asked all the required questions to understand what you should do

Steps to achieve it

Since tasks are only closed by a merge request, it may require several steps:

  • You have created a new branch following our standards
  • You have added some code to fix a bug or to implement some feature
  • You have added new tests to cover new functionality or regression tests to confirm that bug is fixed
  • You have added comments to illustrate your design decision in a source code
  • You have updated project documentation if required
  • You have updated installation instructions or build tools if required
  • You may leave some TODOs for future development if required
  • You have created a merge request with the proper message from your branch into master
  • You have filled in every required piece of information in the template, such as: actions you did, time spent, issue to close
  • All the preconfigured CI stages pass: existing tests, style and quality checks pass
  • Your code passes a code review from one or several other developers including at least one architect
  • Your code has been merged into master

It may also require multiple iterations for you:

  • Your code may fail some tests or style checks, so you would need to fix that
  • Your code may fail a code review for multiple reasons: design, code quality, business logic, performance. You will need to fix that