Some our clients start the conversation with the estimation request. Sometimes it looks something like this:

I have an idea about creating a chat-bot with natural language processing and pretty UX. How much would it cost me? And how many days it will take?

The problem is it is almost impossible to give any estimates at this point. Companies that do it either:

  • Have done the exact same thing for the exact same client with the same development team several times in a row
  • Lie

No estimates

We don’t want to lie. And our projects are never the same. They differ from simple chat-bots to complex logistics automation. So, we won’t give you any estimates at all.

Have you ever seen a project that was on time, scope, and budget? If so, stick to the team that made it. Never let them go!

Here’s a funny joke to illustrate the point:

Joke about software estimation

Deadline is defined by real life

On the other hand, we believe that every project needs a deadline. And that deadline is not created by some imaginary estimates, but by the real life and business needs.

So, it is the client who tells when they need their project.

Finding out what you really need

Let’s start with finding out what you really need.