The ticket is the key element in our process. The ticket is the only way to make anyone do anything. The ticket is the only thing we bill.

So, without tickets, your project won’t progress. Obviously, I need to know how it works.

When to create a ticket?

There are two reasons for that:

  1. Something is not working: you encounter logical errors or software bugs
  2. You want to add or change something

How to create a ticket?

Creating tickets is very hard. You have to write correct statements, provide context, and formulate your requirements and expectations.

No one expects that you have the required skills to do that. So, we came up with the solution:

Here’s an example: Imgur

That’s all for you. Then, the architect will ask you all the required questions. As the result, he will reformat your ticket with the new content and reassign it.

Since this moment your request will meet our requirements and will be processed.


We use English as a default language everywhere. If for some reason it is hard for you to create tasks in English, you can use Russian. However, it will be still translated into English.

This happens because our team is international and distributed.

How we do it internally?

We have created a complete internal tutorial about creating tickets.