When reading through our processes you may notice that we value quality over quantity.

This works for team members too. We try to keep our team small. We believe that optimal size of the team is 6-7 people, including:

  • Architect
  • Project manager
  • 4-5 developers

That’s it. There are no other roles in our team/company.

We don’t have HR

We do not have any kind of “Human Resources”. First of all, we are humans. Not resources. Secondly, we do not spam with our job offers.

Lastly, we believe that software interviews are broken. So, we don’t have them!


Why should people work with us?

  1. We offer to work with top-edge technologies
  2. We offer to work with transparent business processes and each person can vote to change them
  3. We offer solid compensations for the high quality software


Our team does not scale vertically. When you have more than 7 people in your team it is almost impossible to manage them properly.

So, we scale horizontally. When our company will grow big enough to scale we will create a brand new team of 6-7 people. Currently, we are working hard to be able to scale in the nearest future.