We work to live, not live to work. We are all humans. And we should behave like ones.

For some reason working extra hours and working on weekends is a sad reality in our industry.

When combined with stress and other unfortunate events it can lead to some serious problems with health (both mental and physical).

Things like burnout and depression are not jokes. No money will compensate for this.

Moreover, not spending enough time with your friends and family may also turn into serious problems. And again, no money will buy them back.

What we offer

We offer a complete solution which consists of several parts:

  1. Free schedule
  2. Complete statistics
  3. Gentle automation

Let’s cover all these points to find out what it is and why it is important.

Free schedule

We do not have working hours.

Some people prefer working in the mornings, some people prefer working in the evenings. We are happy with both. The only thing that matters is your comfort. We still have some internal work-pulse that most people share, but we do not enforce it.

We also recommend working for 4-6 hours a day. Spending the rest time for your side projects, hobbies, family, and rest. We also do not recommend working for more than 8 hours a day. Even when a deadline is coming. Remember about the Brooks Law.

We do not have working days.

You can choose when to work and when not to work. You are free to take a day off whenever you need to. It is a matter of a button click to go on vacation.


As you know, we track every piece of work. So, it is easy to tell how many hours you have spent.

You can clearly see what productivity barriers you had. This statistics is required to improve our workflow:

  • which bash command took you the longest time to run? So the documentation should be improved for the next time not to waste people’s time again

  • which code module was a blocker? So it could be rewritten to be more readable

We also collect written feedback after each submitted task. This feedback allows us to change something in the development process and improve the overall productivity.


Everything is automated. If something is not automated then it should be automated. What does it bring to your work-life balance?

  • you do not lose your time on a boring stuff

  • our bot notifies you if you are working too much, just in case you have got too excited and missed this fact

  • we also send you your productivity reports, so you can see what can be improved

  • our bot won’t send you anything when you are taking some time off work


Why are we doing so?

Because it is profitable in the long run. We do not want to squash all the juices out off you. We want you to be a happy and motivated person. We want you to love your work. And we want you to do it well!