We sell Repeatable Software Development Process.

You may know that almost every company in our industry works the same way. They all sell the same things: they sell work they have already done, they sell brands of their clients and their team members.

But, that does not work. You don’t have any guarantees in any of these things:

  1. They might list a failed project as successful
  2. They might lie about working with other companies
  3. Team members are constantly rotating, there is no chance that some people will work with you on your project

So, why is it working then? Because there is nothing else to show. Everyone keeps their business processes in secret.

Things we do not sell:

  • Our team
  • Previous projects
  • Our clients

We sell our business processes. That’s the only way we can guarantee that we will manage to develop a new project the same way (or even better!) than we did it the last time.


Why don’t we design a nice-looking website to attract customers? Why do we expect our clients to spend several hours of their time reading our stuff?

Because creating software is not easy! And if you don’t have any time to read through the guide on how to do it: you are not our client.

Any visual noise that distracts you from the content of this site must be removed.

False promises

When selling stuff people tend to give false promises. “We will develop this project no matter what. It is very easy!”

After this promise was made, this company will try to hire some new developers, learn new technology stack, and will be 2 times late.

We won’t give you any false promises. That’s the reason why we don’t give any estimates at all. We also won’t lie about our stack or team members.

Why? Because we just do not need to. We are free from traditional sales chaos.


We don’t give discounts. If you want to work with us - you accept our rates. We made them public just for this case.